FeastMail Hotkey Newsletter - August 2011 Edition
Wireless Network

What are the benefits of a wireless network?

Upgrading to a wireless modem will provide the freedom and flexibility to access the internet from anywhere in your home or business, without the clutter.

 Connect your smart phones and tablets
Use your Hotkey internet connection around the house or office without worrying about your phone's 3G data allowance.

 Internet connection sharing
Using a home or business network, multiple users can access the internet simultaneously

 File sharing
Network file sharing between computers gives you more flexibity than using floppy drives or USB drives. Not only can you share photos, music files, and documents, you can also use a home network to save copies of all of your important data on a different computer.

 Computer mobility
With a laptop computer and wireless network, you wouldn't be restricted to working at your desk. You can work on the couch, on your porch, or wherever in the house is most convenient.

 No messy wires
Setting up a network without wireless connectivity involves cables running to every computer or device which requires access. A wireless modem will allow you to remove the clutter and provide the flexibility you need.

Please note

There are some restrictions on wireless strength caused by the medium through which it has to travel. If you have brick walls, for instance, the wireless connectivity will be reduced from one side of the wall to the other. Hotkey does not guarantee connectivity from the wireless modem to the computer or smart phone where restrictions such as this apply.

The wireless modem we provide is a Netcomm NB6+4W, which allows any number of wireless devices and up to 4 non-wireless computers to be connected by Ethernet cable at the same time.

For more information on this modem, click here


We only provide technical support for the wireless modem and internet connection however in most circumstances we will try to assist you in the connection to your mobile device or computer. This support for your mobile device or computer may be in the form of a link to a web site or other source of information in to how to connect.

 Call us on 1300 468 539 and ask one of our consultants about upgrading to one of our new wireless modem plans.
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